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Nam Il Sim Su Taek, the leader of a voluntary army

남일 심수택 의병장 (건립예정)

남일 심수택 의병장

Sim Su Taek, the leader of a voluntary army <Pen name : Nam Il, Bongwan(the place of origin of a clan), 1871~1910.9.1>
  • Location : Ilwon 420, Kyelim, Wolya. Hampyeong, Jeonnam
  • Site : 1,033 ㎡
  • Buildings : one Memorial Hall
  • Construction Expenses : Decentralization distribution tax 365,000,000 Won
As the chief of anti-Japan voluntary armies, General Sim Su Taek was posthumously awarded the Order of Independent of Order of Merit for National Foundation in 1962 with merits of contributing Korean independent, such as achieved brilliant war results to Japanese troops and soothed nations' anger by the war results. By developing the business of General Sim Su Taek memorial, enhance ethnical spirits and cultivate love's their home to the future generations. The Memorial Hall was established to instill patriotism into the heart of the future generations as using the on-site educational space.