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introduction of the exhibitions



독립역사관 전시실안내 the first level of exhibition was reproduced meeting rooms, a kitchen, a dining room and toilets in Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea, and the second level is office room of Kim Gu(included a bedroom) and office rooms of the government and the third level is reproduced bedrooms of the major members of Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea
Passing through 1,2,3 reproduction levels, it is displayed to inspect permanent exhibits and facilities freely on each levels.

The first exhibition room – 1920’s Shanghai (third level)
This exhibition room is reproduced Korean town in Shanghai in 1920’s. You can look into Korean Independent activists at inside and outside of Korea and Korean Independent activists from Hampyeong, and look at movies of the society and the lifestyle at the time.
  • Declaration on Taegeukgi and memorial photo-shooting
    Photo-zone is to memory and to experience the major members of Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea who declared on Taegeukgi and took pictures.
  • Korean Independent activists from Hampyeong
    You can look at details of April 8th Independence Manse Movement to restore the national rights in Munjang, Hampyeong.
The second exhibition room – Japanese administration’s brutalities and tortures (second level)
We have displayed exhibits picture records and torture equipments with realistic techniques and themes that Japanese administration committed barbarous tortures on periods of Korean Independent movement to help visitors’ understanding and experiencing.
  • Wounds of tortures
    Exhibition of torture equipments showing Japanese administration’s brutalities.
  • Iron bars of loud weeping
    Picture materials are displayed including a history of barbarous tortures, suppression of Japanese invasion, ways of tortures and etc.
The third exhibition room – Provisional Government in Hampyeong(first level)
It has displayed for purposes that visitors realize a meaning of Provisional Government in Shanghai through Provisional Government which gathered the nation’s capabilities and made one and learn patriotic spirits with displayed the stories from Korea Independent movement to the Independence and relics.
  • Footsteps of Provisional Government and Kim Cheol
    It introduces Kim Cheol’s independent activities. You can see details of lifestyle of Provisional Government’s patriots and anti-Japanese fights.
  • Kim Cheol’s the Independence and return Korea
    Pictures of Korean Liberation Army’s training to restore the country for the independence.