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Independent movements in China

중국에서의 활동
Provisional Government’s routs
Kim Cheol was chased by Japanese police with Yoon Bong Gil’s plot on April, 1932. He was hiding in Mrs. Fitch’s Shanghai’s house (she was American) with Kim Gu, Um Hang Sub and An Gong Geun, and escaped to Hangzhou on 10th May. He devoted himself as a member of Cabinet Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea to support religious traditions of Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea. Provisional Government moved to Hangzhou, and they had been wandering life over 8years at Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Zhenjing-Guangzhou-Liuzhou-Qijiang, until settled down Chongqing in 1940. Kim Cheol opened the office of execution of Provisional Government’s official duties in 32 room, building 2, Chung Tae, Hangzhou, and restarted Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea’s businesses. With those his efforts and activities, Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea could keep religious traditions who faced a crisis of maintenance or abolition.
He was elected on the member of provisional Parliamentary Government on July, 1933, and was also elected on the chief of secretary of Cabinet in 1934. He was elected on a director of Korea Independence Party which was the governing party of Provisional Government and also self-sacrificed for religious traditions of Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea and only for Korea Independence.
Provisional Government sent Korean young men to Chinese soldier school for soldiers training and trained them as military executives, and organized the Korea Counter Intelligence Corps Liberation with them. They also assigned Liberation which was in Manju’s areas under Liberation of Provisional Government. They organized Korea People Party to unite organizations of independent movement in 1935, the Coalition of Korea Independent movement organizations in 1937 and made standard agreements for collaboration of the right and the left.
Even though endless wandering life, and after they settled down Chongqing in 1940, organized Korea Liberation Army and succeeded collaboration of the right and the left. Those activities of Provisional Government were the results of efforts and processes to achieve Korea Independence.
Lifestyle of Provisional Government
The lifestyle of major members of Provisional Government was so miserable and worst than Chinese lower labors. However, they didn’t yield to such hardness of the life and they developed their dream of independence and protected Provisional Government with managed families, built up schools and taught children. It was about 700 Korean people in Shanghai in 1921 which the next year of Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea established. Most Korean people were working on factories, tailors, ginsengs seller, grocers and labors and continued their life barely. Moreover, the members of Provisional Government were difficult to get such jobs, so they lived barely with the living expenses that received from friends and lived a small room with several persons. The below journey describes the miserable life of them.
“……..but in economics, to continue the government’s future is in the dark…My body is friend with only the shadow and I sleep at Jeungchung(the building of Provisional Government) and beg for food to Korean who have a job. I’m equal to a beggar”
- cited Kim Gu, Baekbeomilji (Journal of Baekbeom)

“ Our life in Shanghai was extremely difficult…..She picked eatable cabbages from garbage bins which are behind our house and greengrocer nearby threw away, and My mother made many jars to soak in salt water and make dishes with the eatable cabbages….
I ate Ugeoji Kimchi which my mother made quiet long time with couple of friend.”
- cited Kim Gu, Baekbeomilji (Journal of Baekbeom)
“…..everyone who lives under the shadow of Japanese Administration appreciate even a cloth shoes. Baek Beom is going around many where, so the sole of his cloth shoes wear off and left barely. The soles are worn-out, the soles are in name only and the ankles of shoes are hanging there.”
–cited Jung Jung Wha, Mung beens’ flower_ Junggangilgi(Diary of Jung Gang)
”…..Baek Beom is well-built man and dignified-looking man. If he has the money somehow, he has spent on firstly not only expenses of Provisional Government, but also expenses of Patriotic Corps which he has charge to buy bombs and weapons. So for himself, he is in difficulty to live.”
–cited Jung Jung Wha, Mung beens’ flower_ Junggangilgi(Diary of Jung Gang)
Provisional Government Renwhacheu
Provisional Government settled down Chongqing in 1940 and they amended government formation, organized Korea Liberation and promoted various Korea Independent businesses. As the center of Independent movement organizations, they fulfilled central roles of all of Korean in the inside and outside.
They unified nationalistic powers and formed Korea Independence Party in May, 1940. They amended Provisional Constitution on October, introduced the president system completed the strong governing system. After they settled down Chongqing, fulfilled unification of independent movement powers of parties of the right and the left, and achieved unification of the powers of the right and the left as central Provisional Government. Also, they established and announced the National Foundation Principles of the Republic of Korea which involved the plans of Korea development after the Independence on November, 1941 and established independent movement ideology. When the Pacify War broke out on December 1941, they declared war on Japan and announced declaration of war on Drittes Reich on February 1945. It was strategies at postwar to gain a position of the Allied Nations with participating in the war as a member of the Allies. They established connection with the Allies, such as China, England and America and they developed anti-Japan war.
임시정부 렌화츠
Formation of Korea Liberation Army
Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea planed troop formations to participate anti-Japan war as Korea Army of Provisional Government and established the headquarter of Korea Liberation Army at Gyareungbingwan in Chongqing on 17th September 1940. The Liberation Army was formed 3 squads with the supreme commander Ji Cheong Cheon and after established they increased the Army by joining Young Men Junji Secret Squad and Korean Volunteer Corps, student soldiers who escaped Japanese Army. The Korea Liberation Army and Chinese Army engaged together against Japanese Army in around China and from 1942 they developed anti-Japan war with England Army at battle lines of Indo and Myanmar..
한국광복군의 조직