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Outline and the purpose of establishment

일강김철선생기념관 전경
located within 1.770 m2 at Hamjung ri, Shingwang meyn and having an ancestral shine to memory Kim Cheol (as known also his pen name Il Kang 1886~1934) who was the leading Korean independent activist in Honam, a mental culture hall, a memorial hall and maintenance.
It is displayed various materials of Kim IL when he worked for Independent movement including his pictures and belongings and reproduced a scene of Provisional Government’s meeting.
You can look at his movement as a Korean independent activist including that Kim Il was leading plots of Lee Bong Chang and An Jung Geun with Kim Gu(Pen name Baekbeom) and had held a Cabinet member and Treasurer Provisional Government in Shanghai, China.
Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs has selected the Korean independent activist of October in 2006


Why it has reproduced at Hampyeong?
Kim Cheol who is the representative Korean independent activist in Honam was born in Hamjung, Shingwang, Hampyeong. He exiled himself to Shanghai, China. He took the central parts, such as he organized New Korean Young Men’s Society and infiltrated himself to plot March 1st movement.
Kim sold all properties at his hometown and donated the money to prepare a building for Shanghai Provisional Government and used rest of the money for independent movement funds. Later he had held the minister of transportation, the chief of auditor of Cabinet, the minister of military and Treasurer. He was the leading member to establish and operate Provisional Government.
Shanghai Provisional Government has reproduced at Hampyeong which is Kim’s hometown to praise sublimity independent patriotic spirits and to cultivate the spirits of patriotism, fidelity, veterans.
Reproduction of Shanghai Provisional Government building
Shanghai Provisional Government building (June 1962~April 1932) was the place of “Incubator” to establish Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea and they plotted and were active plots of Lee Bong Chang and Yoon Bong Gil in the place. Shanghai Provisional Government building’s first level was used as a meeting room and kitchen, second level was for office rooms and third level was for accommodation. At the hall of Independent movement history in Hampyoeng, we have reproduced Shanghai Provisional Government in China as real as and also all of details and furniture including desks and beds are made in the local, China.
임시정부 회의실, 집무실, 숙소